My Presence is a Present

What Up Fans?!?! Yikes. It really has been a grit since either of us has posted anything. For that, I apologize. Let’s chalk it up to the Summer and good ‘ol procrastination. That said, because we haven’t posted anything in a long damn time…..we have all kinds of goodies to catch up on. Let’s dig right in!


"No honey, take the picture first....then get his head out of there"



I’ll start with something near and dear to my heart….The N.L. Central Division Winning Cincinnati Reds. Hearing and saying that might be my zen moment for my entire year.

Brucey did it right, sending all of Red’s Nation into the playoffs for the first time since ’95 by jacking one to left center and clinching the division. I wish I could tell you that the fairytale story continued from there. But I can’t. Brucey and the Reds were no-hit by Halladay in GM 1 of the NLDS, blew a 4 run lead in GM 2 and ran into even more great pitching in GM 3. I won’t/can’t go into any more details about the series because the wound is way too fresh and I just can’t bring myself to type any more words about it.

But hey, we actually have something to look forward to next year! Great young pitching and the NL’s best offensive/defensive squad will be primed to make a run at winning the Central wire-to-wire in 2011. Congrats to the boys and my fellow Cincy die-hards, this is but the beginning of a long tradition of winning in the ‘Nati.

I hope everyone had a chance to check out some of the Ryder Cup two weeks ago. The US squad was trying to win on European soil for the first time since ’93 and made quite a run at it. Couple of cool things to point out:

  • Tiger played great in his first gig in a long time, winning 3 out of the 4 matches he played in.
  • Phil didn’t do anything to help the cause, going 1-3
  • 21 year old Rickie Fowler only went 1-1-1 throughout all his matches – but dude hit this sick putt on 18 to save a point for the good guys. Kid’s got ice in his veins.
  • Tiger hit a ball that nailed a cameraman. Luckily the cameraman took the shot beforehand (see below). Best part about the photo? You guessed it…cigar guy.


Upper Right Corner.....Yesssss


Josh Luchs is a former NFL agent who was forced out of the business for some dirty practices. So he did what all former sports-personalities do once they’ve been accused of wrong-doing…..he wrote a tell-all piece for Sports Illustrated so he could bring everyone else down with him. Classy. Either way, its a pretty good read and he helps the world finally understand how Maurice Clarett got drafted in the 3rd Rd. of the NFL draft.


I had the chance to check out one of my favorite bands, Bulit To Spill, at Neighborhood Theater earlier this week. Sure, I’m biased, but it was definitely one of the better shows I’ve had a chance to catch this Summer/Fall. BTS is one of the forefathers to some of the Indie Rock music that we listen to these days, so get hip to ’em if you get the chance. Cool side story for the night: We walked in while the opener was just finishing up, and noticed some guy sleeping in his chair in the VIP section. He got up when the Opener got off and lo and behold – it was Doug Martsch (lead guitarist/singer). Life on the road is tough.

A favorite of ours at the Hole, Sufjan Stevens has just released his 6th studio album, The Age of Adz. Took a break from his usual subject matter and seems to have put out an album that reeks of passion from all sorts of areas. Whether he’s singing about John Wayne Gacy or The Great Lakes State, Sufjan can do it like no other.

Artwork by Royal Robertson

Awesome concert poster from a Norah Jones show in LA:

Hip Hop is still a big part of what we listen to in the Hole and there are some cool things going on right now:

  • Love him or hate him, Kanye has been working pretty hard this Summer/Fall on some great new music. The best part is that he’s giving it away free every Friday. Check out G.O.O.D. Fridays.
  • That Kid from Cleveland is still doing work as well. He’s scheduled to put out Man On The Moon II: The Legend Of Mr. Rager on October 26th. In the meantime he put out a song called “Erase Me.” Kinda went under the radar for a bit, but now that he put out this video – expect to hear it much more. Yup. McLovin.
  • Under “Things You Should Be Listening To” category….check out Big Sean when you get a chance. Props to Mosby for gettin me hip to it.
  • Finally, to make your music fix more accessible, check out these links: illRoots, hypem and Live For The Funk.


Mr. Rager



Target hates on some creativity shown during this Halloween season.

Miami-Dade Police think that all gang-related criminals look like Jay-Z.

Street artist, Banksy, put together an opening montage for The Simpsons. Little dark humor, maybe a little bit of truth?

Modern take on a rain dance.


Esquire named Minka Kelly the sexiest woman alive. You will get no argument from anyone associated with the Mole Hole. As avid watchers of Friday Night Lights, we’ve always known that Lyla Garrity had the goods. Enjoy.


Is that Rick Dufay's daughter?


Welp, thats all I’ve got for now. We’ll try to do better next time…..



2nd Place in the Competition



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That’s how you let the beat build…

Heyo, its been too long…but here we go.

-T.O. in Cincinnati!  The Bengals-haters out there try to downplay how big this move is; some even saying that it could hurt the team.  That’s hogwash.  T.O. is still a legitimate threat on the outside and downfield, despite a down year in Buffalo.  But they had a porous O-line and Ryan Fitzpatrick at QB.  Bengals fans know just how awful a situation that can be.  I’m optimistic in that I think it improves our offense tremendously.  The NFL is a passing league.  Last year, the Bengals were a running team, with a decent passing game.  I witnessed firsthand in the playoff game against the Jets where an average passing game gets you.  With T.O., Antonio Bryant and first round pick TE Jermaine Gresham, our passing and running game could both be excellent, and our defense should only improve on its top level game.  Keeping with the “give ’em a second chance” philosophy, Mike Brown actually made a smart move here.  The national spotlight is on the Bengals this year, so all the talent we have will be seen by a lot more people than last year.  All Bengals players should be motivated by the fact that their personal profile could be raised by this exposure, which, lets face it; making more money in the future is a big factor in getting players to perform.  Carson Palmer no longer has excuses;  he’s got to be stellar this year for the Bengals to stick with him.  I have very high hopes and expectations, as all Cincy fans do.

-Redlegs still in first as of today.  With OCab on the DL now, I believe Janish will be an adequate replacement, maybe even an offensive improvement if he continues his hot-hitting.  Bill Bray, Logan Ondrusek, and Jordan Smith are shining in the bullpen.  As soon as Volquez gets back to form, we’ll open up a nice lead on the scared Cardinals.  UPDATE:  The bullpen will get even better with Chapmania on the horizon.  Can you imagine?  It’s gonna be filthy, my friends.  Word to Keith Mattocks for the heads up.

-Drunk Bob Huggins has yet another inebriated mishap.  He broke seven ribs when he fell on a coffee table in Vegas.  The blame went to his medication and an empty stomach.  I don’t buy it, unless he considers Jack Daniels and a six pack of Bud his ‘medication.’  I’m no angel, but get it together man.  In the past two years, he’s suffered injuries by walking into a door and tripping on an airport tarmac.  And that’s just the stuff that’s gone public.

we're out of booze?!?

-Out of the sports world and into the weird.  Big fans of supernatural/cryptozoological creatures over here at the MoleHole, so this is a fascinating discovery from Thailand.  Some kind of centaur?  Half human, half cow?  I don’t know, but I wish it was alive.

-What’s this nonsense about the triceratops not being a real dinosaur?  WTF scientists, don’t take the ‘tops from us.  You already fucked us on the Pluto thing.


-This is also pretty weird, in a “wow, I didn’t expect two of my favorite musicians to cover a bad pop song” kind of way.  Robin Pecknold of Fleet Foxes and the beautiful and talented Joanna Newsom covered “Picture” by Kid Rock/Sheryl Crow at a recent concert.  I love both of their voices, so its actually very listenable.  Check it out.

j.newsom, straight outta heaven

-If you haven’t seen the Double Rainbow Guy video yet, please watch.  It’s in heavy rotation on the MoleHole playlist, as well as the accompanying auto-tune song version from the talent behind Auto-Tune the News.  Look for the Cross-Eyed Bears to cover the song next time we’re out at Ed’s for open-mic night.

-Allie Brie, from Mad Men and Community, wrote a pretty interesting story about how she tried to turn a gay guy straight.  Definitely worth a read, if only because she’s smokin’ hot.

-Here’s a video of a guy getting hit by an ice cream truck while acting like a jackass.  I LOL’ed at his misfortune.  You will too.

-Top 5 most played songs in my Toyota this summer:

1.  The Resistance– Drake

2.  Embrace the Martian– Kid Cudi

3.  On My Way Back Home– Band of Horses

4.  Mr. Carter– Lil Wayne ft. Jay-Z

5.  October–  Broken Bells

weezy knows whats up

-I’m out…see ya’ll on the flip side.

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An Open Letter to the Writers of Deadspin

Dear Writers & Contributors of Deadspin (and spin-off sites):

I write you today to get something off my chest. A few months ago I made your website one of my regular morning stops on the ‘ol world wide web while I procrastinated before starting any real work. I’d heard of your exploits from friends, and was particularly disheartened with the work ESPN was putting out there at the time; so I gave you guys a shot.

I gotta admit, immediately I was hooked. I liked the way you put sarcastic twists on regular stories, pointed out wrong-doings by overpaid athletes, and made fun of everything ESPN did….ever. Hell, I’d be lying if I told you I didn’t tune in every Friday and check out another edition of  Great Moments in Drunken Hookup Failure. That stuff is rich….even if most of it is obviously made up. My point is you guys were funny. You were like the smug cool kid at the lunch table who always had that one liner about whoever walked past. It was great – I had found the answer to my daily sports fix. Then something happened.

Slowly but surely, your one liners lost their punch. You started picking out stuff to make fun of, not because it was truly funny, but because you thought you were cool enough to make fun of it. From there it kept going downhill. Now, not only were you making fun of unfunny stuff (see article regarding the Virginia Lacrosee Murder) but you were laughing at your own jokes. And you were laughing pretty hard. Too hard for my liking.

At first, I shrugged it off. Hey everyone has off days, right? But now you weren’t the cool kids at the lunch table. No, no you were more like Ben Afleck’s character in Dazed and Confused. Ya, you were the senior that should’ve graduated, but didn’t and still told the same old jokes and stories that were cool when you were a senior the first go ’round. So basically, you weren’t cool at all anymore and you’re act was beginning to get tiresome.

For example, you ran a post entitled, Lebron James Is a Cocksucker a few weeks back. When I saw this amidst all the Lebron “decision” talk, I was relieved. “Hey, someone’s finally got this one right,” I thought. But then I clicked on your story. It read like a 10 year old who just learned what curse words sounded cool together. It was rubbish. And you re-posted the story about a dozen times over the next few weeks, reiterating how funny you thought your story actually was compared to anything else out there and complaining about how others didn’t get it. Thanks for wasting our time.

Then a few weeks ago you ran a story about how hipsters love to wear old NBA jerseys. And boy do they! But then a few days ago, you ran the same story, just with different pictures. I guess you did this to remind us that hipsters still did indeed love to wear old NBA jerseys in public. Ok. Cool. That’s fair, preciate the heads up. But I didn’t need an entire duplicate post about this.

Up until the hipster story you hadn’t really posted anything that was too annoying either way; and I actually started to read again. Until yesterday. Yesterday you decided to break a story about Brett Favre sending a picture of his manhood to a former Jets employee during the time he played there. A story you assured me was “Grossly Hilarious” in a teaser posted in the morning. Then, once the story was actually posted you made sure to tell me once again that this story was indeed “HILARIOUS.” (Thanks for putting it all in caps, the word hilarious didn’t really pack a punch on its own).

Once I had a chance to read the story, AJ Daulerio weaved a beautiful story of deceit, lies, and inappropriate pictures sent from one Brett Favre. He italicized conversations to help me believe the realism of the story, and even gave me four grainy pictures of Mr. Favre’s watch from a totally unrelated event – all while assuring me that what I was reading was not only true, but HILARIOUS. That said, young AJ forgot two things. 1) He gave no real proof backing up the stories (italicized conversations aside). I mean, the woman involved in this story has yet to back up anything you’ve written. Isn’t that Journalism 101? And 2) AJ forgot that if you have to tell your audience that your joke is funny…ever…odds are your story is not funny. And this story was definitely not funny. The crazy thing is – I don’t even like Brett Favre! A lot of people don’t anymore. But now, I’m backing him a bit more – because of this story.

Wow Deadspin, what a decline you’ve made. You were once the cool kid with all the wit, then you turned into the kid a bit past his prime who still had some zingers in him. But now; now you’ve turned into the awkward family member at the annual Christmas party. Ya know the one I’m talking about. The guy who posts up next to you at the egg nog bowl and doesn’t let you leave. The one who keeps telling you stories that he can’t stop laughing at and that you see no humor in, whatsoever. C’mon, you know who I’m talking about. That really unfunny guy that had so much potential at one point along the line and just blew it….ya that guy. That’s you, Deadspin.

A.J. Daulerio: Proving That He'll Do Anything to Get a Story

So in closing Deadspin, you’ve lost a fan in me today. Your act got old. You got old. Your stories aren’t funny anymore, they’re just trite and a waste of time. Unfortunately for you, I’m not the only one who feels this way. Ya, I know I know – you’re probably going to make some joke about how cool it is to not have fans anymore and how we’re the ones missing out. That song and dance won’t work on me anymore. Why? Because this time the joke is on you, and we all think its HILARIOUS.


Andrew Gregosky

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Well gentlemen you were wondering what a creative agency looks like? There you have it. Hope you enjoyed looking in the window.

What Up Fans! After another hiatus – The Hole’s back! Some good stuff out there since the last time we spoke so I apologize if a lot of this is dated, but let’s jump right in…..

Tracy Morgan reading The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein.

By now, you’ve heard everyone’s 2 cents on Lebron James’ 1HR special to break up with the city of Cleveland a few weeks back. Because of that, I’ll keep my thoughts short and to the point. First off, home is a place where you are supposed to always be able to return to. Not for you Lebron. You spurned a city, it’s fans, and an organization in such a way that will take years/decades if ever for them to forget. You turned your back on them when they needed you most – and you became what we all hoped and thought you could never be: Just another selfish superstar. Secondly, I hoped you enjoyed all the MJ comparisons while you were in Cleveland – because now that you have a supporting cast that includes Dwayne Wade (a player at or above your caliber) it won’t matter how many rings you win, no one will ever make the claim that you won or lead a team to the promise land. Oh ya, and speaking of MJ – he also wouldn’t have ever joined a team with 2 other superstars on it, he was too competitive for that. No, MJ would have wanted to stick with his club and beat those guys down in South Beach. So in closing Lebron, thanks for the memories and don’t worry about letting everyone down too much – you’ve just proven what a lot of suspected about you for the past few years: you’re too soft and self involved to ever win by yourself in the Association.

In other news, Cleveland fans are still keepin it classy:

The Old Spice Guy had this to say.

Spain won the World Cup, and also became the first team to win the tournament after losing their opening match. Congrats to the Spaniards and big-ups for their goalie, Iker Casillas, for kissing his not-ugly girlfriend on TV. Either way – I’ll miss the Cup and other opportunities for non-soccer fans to make awkward interviews.

The National League won it’s first All-Star game in 14 years a few weeks ago. Marlon Byrd of the Cubs had a few good plays scoring a run and throwing out Big Papi. Joey Votto was unimpressed. Reason #1,987,784 that I’m happy Joey Votto puts on a Reds uniform.

The renovations at Michigan Stadium, have finally been completed – making The Big House – the biggest house in all the land once again. Your move Penn State. Also keyour eyes open for some college football previews in the coming weeks.

On the music front the Summer is still pumpin’ out some goodies. In this week’s edition, The Roots have a new one, How I Got Over. After first listen it has some goodies, most notably – “Right On” a remix of Joanna Newsome’s song and “Dear God 2.0,” a remix of Monsters of Folk’s song from earlier this year. Two good songs on their own right – but The Roots bring it home again.

In other news Questlove is still the coolest looking guy in the game:

Big Boi’s long anticipated album, Sir Lucious Left Foot: The son of Chico Dusty, dropped last week. I haven’t listened to the entire offering – but Big Boi never disappoints. Check ‘er out.

Cee Lo has been doing some interesting things – including covering BOH’s No One’s Gonna Love You.” It’s a pretty interesting take and worth a listen to. That said, listen at home as the video is NSFW.

In news from La La Land, Lindsay Lohan, was back in the news last week. Yeesh, she’s lookin rough. I like to think of my Lindsay Lohan like this.

Checked out the ESPYs a few weeks back. Some athletes got some awards stuff like that, but more importantly Brooklyn Decker, Michelle Beadle, and Erin Andrews were all in the same room. I expect you to know 2 out of 3 of these ladies, but props to the Evmeister for getting in my ear about Beadle. Good eye.


Bill Murray finally reveals why he decided that doing Garfield was a good career move….or does he?

Mad Men is back. If you have anything else going on at 10pm on Sunday nights, Don Draper will come to your house and berate you in front of your family.

Your Moment of Zen: Chewbacca riding a squirrel while fighting Nazis:

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We Lookin’ for Dylan, like Bobby Fischer….

Hey Hey Party People! Seems like I start every post the same way, but again I apologize that is has been a few weeks in between posts. We’re trying to remedy that situation by bringing in some more guest posts, and bring in some more discussion type posts, so keep your eyes peeled. As for today’s post – lot’s to talk about so hang on!

Welp let’s get ‘er started…..First things first; after a few exciting weeks in the World Cup, the U.S.A. made a somewhat early exit against Ghana last Saturday 2-1 in Extra Time. The Yanks played well throughout group play and had an inspiring win against Algeria to even make it to the round of 16. Unfortunately, it seemed as though we could never put it all together for 90 mins. Breakdowns on defense, letting up early goals, the lack of a proven striker all contributed to the downfall. But hey, I’m a glass half-full type a guy – so let’s at least toast the Yanks for winning their group for the first time since 1930!

For as good as the Cup has been….the referees in the World Cup have been equally as bad. Whether it was the 2 goals the American were denied  in the Group stage, the monumentally bad call that disallowed a goal for the Brits against Germany last Sunday, or the sheer amount of terrible red cards that have been given out. The refs sure seem like they are trying too hard to make this beautiful game ugly. Unfortunately, this means that there will be more excuses from hard-headed Americans who think that the game of soccer is a joke to begin with.

Sticking to the sports theme, we are nearing the end of the first half of the MLB season. Good news: Reds are currently tied with the Cards! Bad News: The Bullpen needs some major retooling if we are going to make a real run at the pennant. Could ‘Roldi help?

Most importantly, with the end of the first half coming; the All-Star game is right around the corner. Looks like no Redlegs are making it based on popularity, but if Charlie Manuel knows whats good for him Votto, Roley-Poley and Sir Arthur should be making the trip to Anaheim. Love it or hate it the All-Star game is always worth a watch.

As most of you may know, I am a die-hard Michigan Wolverines football fan. Lately, this has been a tough job, but with a new season, hope springs eternal so I am certainly looking forward to September 4th. With that said, I came across this article this morning and was particularly saddened. I try to follow most of UM’s upcoming commits as they come in and I was a fan of Boubacar Cissoko as soon as he signed his letter of intent. As the article explains, he has certainly come into some bad time in his life and has made me ponder the reason why.

The way we treat our athletes in society is ridiculous when looked at under a magnifying glass. Imagine this scenario: You and a few buddies go out for a few drinks one night in the college town of your choice. After a while you begin speaking with a few ladies at a particular watering hole and you end up bar-hopping with them for the rest of the night. By the end of the evening a buddy of yours decides that he is really into one of the girls and decides to take it to the next level. But theres a snag – she’s not as into him as he thinks she is and resists his advances. Now imagine that, despite her resistance, your buddy has decided that no matter what – he is going to make this happen. He takes her in to a dark part of the bar and does just that. Your buddy is now going to jail for rape….but, if your buddy was Ben Roethlisberger, he would be going to training camp.

We set these athletes up on pedestals, praise them for everything they do, pay them the GNP of small African countries – and then are completely flabbergasted when they think and act as if they are above the system. It used to be just professional athletes that got away with this – but over the last 2 decades it has become more and more prevalent in the college ranks. This isn’t fair to us as the fan or to the athlete.

Boubacar Cissoko was a stand out in high school both academically and athletically. Once he got to the big time college football culture at UofM – all that changed. He began to live his life trying to achieve other’s expectations of who/what he should be as a college football player. While no matter what, you are ultimately responsible for your actions as a person – this culture we’ve created, that puts so much pressure on 18 and 20 year olds to succeed at the highest levels and does not accept failure – seems to have forgotten that a the end of the day – it is only a game.

Let’s change topics completely now. We here at the Mole-Hole are not afraid to say that we’re pretty big fans of the red-headed ladies. One of the best examples of these ladies is Christina Hendricks from Mad Men. I recently came across an open letter that she wrote to all men on Google Reader. Fellas, take a glance – there’s some pretty interesting stuff in there, no homo.

While I was there, I found another reason to get excited about college football season being right around the bend. Man, I love me some Erin Andrews.

At 41, Jennifer Aniston is like a fine wine, she just keeps getting better.

On to the music. As mentioned summer is always a great time to get hip to some new music or get reacquainted with some music you’ve been neglecting for a while. As long as you’re listening, you really can’t go wrong. With that in mind, me and Evski have been on a real hip-hop kick the last few months. It started with Drake’s “Over” and really snowballed from there. We even used a line from that song in our version of “Rockin’ In The Free World,” a few weeks ago at open Mic Night. Anywho, last week I finally made a trip to the kick-ass world of mixtapes, and man it’s like finding a whole new genre of music I had never been privy to before. As mentioned earlier, Ev and I are going to put up some dialogue on our thoughts of the current state of hip-hop as it stands today, but until then check out some of these up and comers:

Kid Cudi


The Cool Kids

Rideout and Terry Cole

I try to end each post I have with something a bit more serious than some of the other stuff I’ve talked about above, and today’s post is no exception, I’ll try to not get too sappy. About a week and a half ago Manute Bol passed away due to complications from Steven-Johnson syndrome, a disease he contracted while on a trip to his native Sudan. A lot has been said by the talking heads in the news or written in blogs about Manute’s life and death and I wanted to get my two-cents in.

For those who don’t remember, Manute was the tallest player to play in the NBA. At 7’7″, he still holds the mark for most blocks by a rookie and also has a record to be the only player to record more blocks in his career than points scored. He played for 10 teams throughout his career, but never quite gained the type of success he and others may have wanted for him. There’s good reason for this.

Unlike most professional athletes, Manute’s drive came not from a desire to be the best player in the game – but instead to garner enough revenue throughout his career to somehow help his home, the war-ravaged Sudan. Throughout his career Manute was heavily involved in charities to support Sudan refugees and Children of Darfur. In fact, Manute used all of the money he made from his playing career to set up the Ring True Foundation, which aides Sudanese refugees.

Manute went to great lengths to raise money for the cause of his homeland including, participating in one of Fox’s ill-conceived reality boxing shows, signing a one-day contract with the Indianapolis Ice, and even suiting up as jockey – just to raise money and awareness of the situation in Sudan. While many looked at these actions as tacky ploys for attention – Manute saw them as ways he could help others have the opportunities he had. And for that (and this) we here at the Mole Hole salute you Mr. Bol, Rest In Peace.

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Rattling the woodwork

-USA World Cup team is a win away from getting to the next round.  This is exciting because I believe they have the potential to make some noise, even though they haven’t shown their full talents as a team yet.  A blown call in the game against Slovenia cost us the spot already, so we’ve got to man up and win.

-WTF Redlegs?  Swept by the Mariners?  The pitching remains steady, but our bats have gone to sleep.  We’ve got to stay focused and driven.  Give the Cardinals too big a lead in the division and we won’t have much of a chance even for the wild card spot with the East and West divisions having competitive years.  We need to take the division, if only as a slap in the face to the Cardinal faithful.  I’m confident.  Quoth Joe Morgan, who called the Reds-A’s game on TV tonight, “This is a team that will get better as the season goes along.”

-Dusty Baker is making a hard push to get Arthur Rhodes on the All-Star team.  And well he should.  Check out his mind-blowing season statistics.  You read it right, that’s a 0.29 ERA, which leads the league.

-Edinson Volquez is making great strides in his recovery from Tommy John surgery, which is a rare gift.  It will be a beautiful thing if he joins our team soon after the All-Star break (as is rumored) pitching as well as he has for us in the past few years.

-Reds close to signing Gary Matthews, Jr.?  I’m as indifferent as his stats are mediocre.

21-8, 3.44 ERA with our Reds

-About the Bengals, Jonathan Joseph and Leon Hall are the 6th and 7th ranked DBs in the new Madden 11.  Nice to see our guys getting the respect they deserve.

–On to music.  My Morning Jacket, in an effort to back up my claim that they are the best live band around right now, are playing their 5 albums in 5 straight nights at Terminal 5 in NYC.  That’s truly bad-ass.  If I had the ways and means to attend all 5 shows, I would.  Got me thinking though, if I could only choose one…which one?  Here’s the choices:

Tennessee Fire

At Dawn

It Still Moves


Evil Urges

my choice

-Guilty Pleasure time.  I can’t stop listening to the new Drake album.  His singles get a lot of radio play, but his album as a whole stands up.


-As Drew mentioned, we saw Passion Pit live at the Fillmore in Charlotte.  They put on an energetic and genuinely passionate (ha) show.  Never a dull moment in the hour or so they played.  My only disappointment was in the crowd that showed up.  I expected my kind of crowd, but got well-dressed youngsters.  Apparently I like the same music as college freshman yuppies.

-Ran across this, which is some good bands covering old songs.  Includes the Shins, She&Him, Nas, and Swell Season.

-Speaking of the Shins, James Mercer covered an awesome Neil Young song.

-A mashup of sports and music here.  Argentinian soccerballers Lionel Messi and Carlos Tevez are big into Oasis as of late.  So much so they are willing to pay any amount to have the group reform.  I guess there are worse bands to be obsessed with, but with that much money…come on guys, Led Zeppelin is still out there!

-Blog topics I hope to cover in the next week:  a discussion of my favorite Jay-Z song and my argument that Neil Young’s 1970s discography is the best decade for any artist in the history of rock music.

-Oh yeah, a must watch Drunk History.

-A big FAH-Q to the gas station clerk who said I look like I’m in my thirties.

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Muse-ic: Death Cab for Cutie “What Sarah Said”, Plans – Ski

Editors Note: As the name of this page suggests, we will have friends of the Mole-Hole express their opinions/thoughts on anything and everything. This is the first such time we’ve done this – hope you enjoy.

Sitting in the driver’s seat has been a favorite pastime of mine ever since moving to the south.  With family and friends so far away it seems as though I’ve been making consistent road trips to the Midwest for weddings, football games, and spectacles.  A good portion of the travel time is music filled. My most recent 8-hour journey provided an opportunity to ‘listen’ with a focus on the lyrics of one song—and I’d like to share that perspective.  I chatted it up with my dog sitting shotgun, but he’s a regular Marcel Marceau, so I welcome your comments.

Over the past few months, I’ve become acquaintances (in the 6-degrees-of –separation-Kevin-Bacon way) with a three girls named Sarah.  When I was introduced to the first, I started humming in the back of my mind “What Sarah Said” written by Death Cab for Cutie on the album Plans. This birthed my fetish with the song and became a reflection topic on my most recent road trip.

(Buckle up, things may get weird…It’s overly sappy stuff.)

The piano/keys heavy sudo-epic, “What Sarah Said” by Death Cab, is a narrative about one of the most honorable acts of love, painted in a dark light using illustrative descriptors and an impactful clincher.    Ben Gibbard, in an ‘upbeat’, major key begins to describe the scene of a hospital, “As I stared at my shoes in the ICU that reeked of piss and 409.”  Your attention is focused on the unpleasant combination, which leads you to believe this is not a happy hospital occasion and builds the scene.  We soon find out that someone the narrator is close with is on his or her deathbed, “descending peak on the LCD took you a little farther away from me.”  He goes on to describe the other areas of the hospital including the waiting room, old magazines on the racks, vending machines, and the visitors.

He wraps up the morbid scene with a proverb and the tracked titled line, “But I’m thinking of what Sarah said that ‘Love is watching someone die.’”  The ‘But’ in this line is his optimistic recognition of the great relationship they shared.  Through the terrible environment he is in and the impending death he finds solace in the words of his friend, Sarah.  Being next to someone on their death bed is not a desirable situation, but on the other hand the steps you took with that person, the journey to love, that allowed you to be by their side as they pass may be the ultimate sign of love.

Although the storyline is set within the first few lines, the impactful message is clearly in the last two and Gibbard uses the instruments or lack of, to compliment that message.  As he begins to relay the words of Sarah the music falls silent and his voice is the lone tone.  This silence, outside of his words, establishes the line’s importance.  Next, the song seems to end, but picks up with a slow crescendo. This introduces a different perspective.

Love is inherently unselfish and reciprocating, so Gibbard’s attention turns to the widower with the line, “So who’s going to watch you die?”   This person passing has the comfort of someone at their deathbed and this will not be the case when the comforter passes—another reflection of love.

Through his emotional confessional music fans are easily forlorn to think of their own loved one lost and the grim reality of death setting in at a hospital, hospice, or home.  Alas, if you reflect, you realize the pit in your stomach is the love and passion you have for that person, which is ultimately where Death Cab wants you to end up.

Overall, the song is each person’s want for the other’s well-being.  Neither wants the person to suffer from a physical or emotional standpoint.  It’s love that persists to the bitter end.  Although a kiss or a hug is how we choose to remember love, this darker perspective is more powerful- a theme that resonates in other tracks on Plans (See “I Will Follow You Into the Dark”).  Get hip to it.

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